Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Suggest Entrypoint

Note: The Suggest Entrypoint is deprecated.

The Suggest Entrypoint represents lists of suggested search terms related to a given (partial) search term and location context. This entrypoint is used to help users to provide suggested search terms to the user while typing.

The Suggest Entrypoint is a Places (Search) API Deprecated entrypoint.

Entrypoint URI


Entrypoint Parameters

Parameter Type Description
at Position (format: latitude,longitude[;cgen=(map|gps|sgps)][;u=\d+]); required, unless one of the Geolocation or X-Map-Viewport headers or the in are set.
Note: [;cgen=(map|gps|sgps)][;u=\d+] is DEPRECATED
Coordinates of search location expressed as latitude, longitude. Additional parameters can be passed which provide more context such as the uncertainty and how the coordinates were generated. For example, "52.5304417,13.4111201", "52.5304417,13.4111201;cgen=gps;u=100" or "52.5304417,13.4111201;u=100". For a full description, see the Location Contexts documentation.
q String; required Plain-text search term. For example, "restaurant" or "Brandenburger Tor"

GET Method

The GET method returns the list of suggested search terms related to the partial search term.

The method allows applications to provide to application users query completion suggestions as they type.

Representation Modifiers

The following options are available in this context:

Parameter Type Description
size Number (non-negative integer); optional The maximum number of result items in each collection.

For additional information and examples, see Changing Responses with Representation Modifiers.

Response Media Type

Responses to requests to this endpoint will have the urn:nlp-types:suggest media type. See the urn:nlp-types:suggest media type documentation for details about the structure and content of the response.

Request Example

Response Example

  "suggestions": [
    "Restaurant Fleischerei Berlin", 
    "Restorf, Lüchow-Dannenberg",
    "Rest area", 
    "Restaurant Fleischerei", 
    "Restaurant und Caffee Marrakesch", 
    "Simplicity Restaurant", 
    "Restaurant \"das pfeffer\"", 
    "Las Olas-Restaurant GmbH & Co.KG",
    "Ars Vini 1. Berliner Fondue Restaurant", 
    "Yam Yam Korean Restaurant", 
    "Restaurant Blaues Band", 
    "Kaffeehaus & Restaurant K\u00fcrbis Inh. Simon Eder",
    "Kaffeehaus & Restaurant Kurbis",
    "Restaurant Schmitz", 
    "Restaurant Luso", 
    " Club Bar Restaurant Kino Food Disco Sport Berlin", 
    "Aapka - indisches Restaurant Berlin", 
    "Restaurant Frarosa"