Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Filtering by Category

The Places (Search) API allows you to filter results by Point of Interest (POI) category, which describe and group POIs. Not all categories are applicable for all POIs and categories can be added and removed without advance notice. In addition to the POI categories, the Places (Search) API also supports cuisine categories.

There are two category/cuisine systems for places: The default system and the HERE Places category system (aka PDS).

The HERE Places Categories & Food Types are used for both the Place XML data product and the Places (Search) API. The related category/cuisine system is advised for a higher granularity.

Default Places & Cuisine Categories

The list of the categories used by default for a given location can be retrieved using the entrypoint Find-Places Categories Entrypoint.

Only a subset of the FP categories are permanent. Some categories may be removed in future releases. The permanent categories are as follows:

  • eat-drink
    • restaurant
    • coffee-tea
    • snacks-fast-food
  • going-out
  • sights-museums
  • transport
    • airport
  • accommodation
  • shopping
  • leisure-outdoor
  • administrative-areas-buildings
  • natural-geographical
  • petrol-station
  • atm-bank-exchange
  • toilet-rest-area
  • hospital-health-care-facility

A list of the default cuisine categories can be obtained from the entrypoint Cuisine Categories Entrypoint. You can only use cuisine category filters in requests to the Explore entrypoint and Tiles entrypoint.

HERE Places Categories & Food Types

The HERE Places Category System groups more than 400 categories. It is the category system used for both the Place XML data product and the Places (Search) API.

The HERE Places Food Types groups more than 150 food types.