Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Places (Search) API Main Features

The HERE Places (Search) API allows developers to build rich location-aware applications for places search, discovery, information retrieval and interaction. These applications can be built for many platforms including web and mobile. One application can support numerous use cases.

The Places (Search) API uses JSON representation and has a RESTful architecture. There are resources representing RESTful entry points for each of the supported use cases, and responses contain hyperlinks to related queries and place details (which are received in JSON).

For example, when a client application submits a GET request to the Places (Search) API using a Search & Discovery entrypoint, the application receives a response that contains a list of links to places resources (among other information). By accessing one of the linked Place resources, the application can get detailed information about that place, including ratings, images, reviews, editorials, and owner content (retrieved in the JSON format). This detailed place response also contains references to other related places, allowing the applications users to discover other places relevant or related to their original search.

User Flow

In order to properly guide the user through the features of the Places (Search) API, client applications are required to provide the following User Flow:

  1. Places Search & Discovery – users search and explore locations and places relevant to them ; users either repeat step 1 or move to step 2
    Note: For more information on the features offered in this step and which entrypoint is appropriate for a particular use case, see Places Search and Discovery.
  2. Places Information – users view the information available for a location or place; users either go back to step 1 or move to step 3
    Note: For more information on this feature, please see Places Information
  3. Places Interaction – users access place-related data, share and contribute place specific information; users go back to step 1
    Note: For more information on this feature, please see Places Interaction

For more detail on the User Flow, including rationale and further explanation, see User Flow and Hypermedia Links.

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