Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Find a Place using a Text String

To find a specific place, such as those with the word chrysler in the name, send the following GET request.
The response to the above request includes the following high level elements:
  • a results array containing items that represent suggested places
  • metadata – information on each place such as the title, position, category, bounding box, and so on

Most web browsers provide a collapsed array containing the response:

  "results": [
    { "Chrysler Building" },
    { "Chrysler Camera Repair" },
    { "Manhattan CHRYSLER" },
    { "Chrysler Cleaners Inc" },
    { "Chrysler Stationery & Gift Inc" },
    { "Chrysler Tower Periodontics" },
    { "Major World CHRYSLER" },
    { "Chrysler Auto Repair" },
    { "Hudson CHRYSLER" },
    { "Teterboro CHRYSLER" },
    { "Riverdale CHRYSLER" },
    { "Major CHRYSLER DODGE Jeep" },
    { "Bayside CHRYSLER" },
    { "Star CHRYSLER" },
    { "Route 46 CHRYSLER" },
    { "Chrysler-Plymouth Authorized Sales & Service" },
    { "Monroe" },
    { "Kacey Chrysler" },
    { "Chrysler Rd" },
    { "CHRYSLER" }

When expanded, each item in the array displays additional information about that place.

  "title": "Chrysler Building",
  "highlightedTitle": "<b>Chrysler</b> Building",
  "vicinity": "405 Lexington Ave\nNew York, NY 10017",
  "position": [ 40.75185, -73.97572 ],
  "category": "sights-museums",
  "href": "https://...",
  "type": "urn:nlp-types:place"

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