Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Constructing a Request

A request to the Places (Search) API, includes the basic elements shown in the following table and, in addition, it may contain resource-specific parameters.

Element Value/Example Description
Base URL Production environment CIT environment: see HERE Server Environments
Path /places/v1/  
Resource autosuggest Get autocomplete suggestions for partial search queries. See Autosuggest Entrypoint
discover/search Find places using a completed text query. See Search Entrypoint
discover/voice Find places using a text query produced by some voice recognition software. See Voice Search Entrypoint
discover/explore Find recommended places with certain categories around a location. See Explore Entrypoint
browse Find places with certain categories around a location sorted by distance. See Browse Entrypoint
browse/by-corridor Find places with certain categories within a corridor area. See Browse by Corridor Entrypoint
browse/by-corridor/short Simplifies route required for the corridor search. See Corridor Shortener Entrypoint
discover/here Identify places at a location. See Here Entrypoint
discover/around Find places around a location. Similar to discover/explore, but optimized for 3D visual-exploration overlays. See Around Entrypoint
actions Report user interactions. See Actions Entrypoint
lookup Find a place by non-Place ID, e.g. PVID. See Lookup Entrypoint
categories/places Get place categories that are supported within a region. See Place Categories Entrypoint
categories/cuisines Get cuisines categories that are supported within a region. See Cuisine Categories Entrypoint
health Monitor the availability of the Places (Search) API See Health Entrypoint
Application Id ?app_id={YOUR_APP_ID} Substitute with your own unique app_id
Application Code &app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE} Substitute with your own unique app_code

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