Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

User Flow and Hypermedia Links

As mentioned in Places (Search) API Main Features, the Places (Search) API entrypoints are designed to be used in a required User Flow. For each user flow, the entrypoints specifically described as Search & Discovery Entrypoints in the documentation are always accessed first. The diagram below illustrates typical user flows.

Other entrypoints, the Additional Entrypoints, can be accessed only by following links returned from these root resources and accessing these links must be triggered by a deliberate and specific user interaction with the link. For example, it is not permissible to download all pages linked to from a response in order to try to improve performance. Nor is it permissible to write applications (or 'robots') to access and/or analyse the content from the Places (Search) API.

More specifically, clients may use URL templating only for root resources. The hyperlinks on these resources contain URLs to follow in order to access other endpoints in the system. Unless specifically documented otherwise, it is not permissible to use URL templating for these other entrypoints.

This is vital because by using URI templating, a request would not include critical information that is required to create the response for the next request. The entrypoints documented will not be changed without clients being informed. Other entrypoint URLs may change at any time. Using the proper workflow by following links rather than URL templating is the only way to guarantee that an application will not create broken links.

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