Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Places Search & Discovery

Places Search & Discovery allows users to find places or addresses. Within Places Search & Discovery, the API has entrypoints that support a number of use cases. Client applications can select from the following entypoints according to the needs of the application: Autosuggest, Search, Voice Search Explore, Browse, Here and Around,
Note: These entrypoints are the start for the User Flow. Once the user has selected one of the entrypoints, the application should guide them to Places Information or back to Places Search & Discovery.

Autosuggest Entrypoint - Provides as-you-type suggestions

Autosuggest represents lists of suggested search terms, instants results and refined search links related to a given (partial) search term and location context. This entrypoint is used to help users save time, iterate on their searches, and get the results.

As-you-type-suggestion features of Autosuggest:
  • auto-suggest - exploratory search queries
  • disambiguation - providing end-user with contextual information to refine search
  • instant results of POI and addresses
  • follow link (href) in instant results and refine search results
  • highlighted result title text based on what the user typed in

Voice Search Entrypoint - Finding places from text string queries based on user's voice input

Voice Search processes text string queries based on the user's voice input to find specific places.

Explore Entrypoint - Finding interesting places in an area (either near the user or selected by the user)

Explore Entrypoint retrieves a list of relevant nearby places for a Location Context. It answers the question "What interesting locations are at this location?" The results presented to the user are ordered by importance and popularity. The results can be filtered by multiple categories.

Browse Entrypoint - Finding nearby places in an area (either near the user or selected by the user)

Browse Entrypoint retrieves a list of places sorted by distance for a Location Context. For Bounding Box Location Context the results are sorted by distance from the centre of bounding box. The results can be filtered by multiple categories.

Here Entrypoint - Identify what place is at a given position

Here Entrypoint answers the questions "Where am I?" and "What's right here where I am standing?" The search results consist of a list of places with addresses that lie within the vicinity of the search location. The results can be filtered by multiple categories. The feature is typically used by applications that include "check-in" or "click on map to get more information" facilities.

Around Entrypoint - Overlay interesting places on an image or video

Around Entrypoint answers the question of "What can I see?" and "What direction are the main attractions?" This feature is similar to the Explore entrypoint, but is specifically designed for Augmented Reality applications, such as LiveSight. The results are based on proximity, popularity, and importance. The results can be filtered by multiple categories.

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