Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Two-Box-Search Entrypoint

Note: The Two-Box-Search Entrypoint is deprecated.

The Two-Box-Search Entrypoint processes text string queries based on the user's input to find specific places. It answers questions of "what" and "where" for an online search of POI or address.

The results of the Two Box Search Entrypoint are sets of places that match a user's search term in a specific given location term.

The Two-Box-Search Entrypoint is a Places (Search) API Premium entrypoint.


This is a premium feature. Contact your HERE representative or contact us through to request the appropriate license if this feature is not already covered by your agreement.

Entrypoint URI


Entrypoint Parameters

Parameter Type Description
where String; required Location-text. For example, "DEU", "Berlin" or "Berlin Mitte"
what String; required Plain-text search term. For example, "restaurant" or "Brandenburger Tor"
in Area; optional This parameter limits results to the boundary of the specified area. The search area can be expressed as:
  • circle specified as a centre point with latitude and longitude; and a radius around that point. Format: latitude,longitude;r=\\d+(\\.\\d+)?[;cgen=(map|gps|sgps)][;u=\\d+]
  • bounding box specified as 4 values, denoting west longitude, south latitude, east longitude, north latitude.
  • polygon (Experimental) defined by the coordinates (latitude, longitude) of each of the polygon's point. At least 4 coordinates (8 values) are required. The first and the last coordinate must be the same
For a full description, see the Location Contexts documentation.
cs Comma-separated list; optional A comma-separated ordered list of category systems defining which type of category systems should be returned in the response. For example cs=places,cuisines

GET Method

The GET method provides access to places matching the given term.

Representation Modifiers

The following options are available in this context:

Parameter Type Description
size Number (non-negative integer); optional The maximum number of result items in each collection.
tf String; optional; default: html. Text format. Determines how rich text properties such as location.address.text should be rendered.
Supported values are:
  • html
  • plain
show_refs Comma-separated list; optional A list of one or more external system names or reference types. This parameter exposes place related external references in response. For a full description see Representation Modifiers documentation.
show_content Comma-separated list; optional A list of one or more available content types you can add to the response. For a full description see Representation Modifiers documentation.

For additional information and examples, see Representation Modifiers.

Response Media Type

Responses to requests to this endpoint will have the urn:nlp-types:search media type. See the urn:nlp-types:search media type documentation for details about the structure and content of the response.

Request Example

Response Example

  "results": {
    "items": [
        "position": [ 52.530227, 13.385666 ],
        "distance": 34,
        "title": "Restaurant Reinstoff",
        "averageRating": 3.7,
        "category": {
          "id": "restaurant",
          "title": "Restaurant",
          "href": "http://...",
          "type": "urn:nlp-types:category"
        "icon": "http://...",
        "vicinity": "Schlegelstraße 26c<br/>10115 Berlin<br/>Germany",
        "having": [],
        "type": "urn:nlp-types:place",
        "href": "http://...",
        "id": "276u33db-4fa5ad4c78f5488d865a534344604dcb"
        "position": [ 52.5304, 13.3867 ],
        "distance": 97,
        "title": "Auberge Maréchal Ney",
        "averageRating": 0,
        "category": {
          "id": "restaurant",
          "title": "Restaurant",
          "href": "http://...",
          "type": "urn:nlp-types:category"
        "icon": "http://...",
        "vicinity": "Schlegelstraße 22<br/>10115 Berlin<br/>Germany",
        "having": [ "owner" ],
        "type": "urn:nlp-types:place",
        "href": "http://...",
        "id": "276u33db-e79fb3eb9a254aebab75cb7febb19eff"
  "search": {
    "context": {
      "location": {
        "position": [ 52.530411, 13.38527 ],
        "address": {
          "text": "Invalidenstraße 117<br/>10115 Berlin<br/>Germany",
          "house": "117",
          "street": "Invalidenstraße",
          "postalCode": "10115",
          "district": "Mitte",
          "city": "Berlin",
          "stateCode": "Berlin",
          "county": "Berlin",
          "country": "Germany",
          "countryCode": "DEU"
        "bbox": [ 13.383422, 52.529287, 13.387118, 52.531535 ]
      "type": "urn:nlp-types:place",
      "href": "http://..."

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