Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets Developer's Guide

Bounding Box Search

Returns map layer content that overlaps a bounding box.

Caution: The recommended way to use Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets is the tile interface, with caching on the client side. This search function is less efficient and provided only for specific use cases.

Caution: Only geometry layers can be searched. Layers containing only additional attributes for other geometry layers cannot be searched. These attribute layers can only be retrieved by the tile.json / tile.txt interface. Geometry layer examples: POIs, road geometry, railroad lines, administrative areas, carto polygons/lines and ADAS road geometry. Attribute layer examples: link attributes, turn restrictions, road names, toll links and turn restrictions.

The number of geometries in the response should not exceed 1000, and the search space must not comprise more than 150 tiles. Exceeding one of the limits results in an error response. If an application needs more results returned then please contact technical customer support to work on a solution to reduce this.

Note that using Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets for Geofencing on map data may include additional license cost. Please contact your account executive.

Resource URI


Resource Parameters

Parameter Type Description
app_id String

Typically, but not guaranteed to be, 20 bytes Base64 URL-safe encoded string used for the authentication of the client application. See Acquiring Credentials.

app_code String

Typically, but not guaranteed to be, 20 bytes Base64 URL-safe encoded string used for the authentication of the client application. See Acquiring Credentials.

callback String

Specifies the name of a user-defined function used to wrap the JSON response.

layer_id String Thematic Layer that contains geometries (roads, cartographic objects, POIs, curvature...). Layers that contain only additional attributes to geometry layers (link attributes, traffic signs...) are currently not allowed here.
key_attribute String Comma separated list of this layer's key column(s).
attributes String Specifies the tile columns to be retained or removed from result. To have only certain columns in the resulting tile, value can be specified as semi-colon-separated column names. As an example, the parameter value attributes=LAT;LON will make the resulting tile include only LAT and LON columns. Columns can be removed from results using the syntax attributes=-LAT;-LON. This will make the resulting tile exclude LAT and LON columns. If attributes parameter is specified, all columns must be retaining (only column name) or removed (minus sign before column name). Non existing column names are simply ignored in both cases. For proximity search with mulitple coordinates, this parameter is not supported.
bbox String Search boundary rectangle coordinates in WGS84 degree: North,West;South,East.
geom String local, full or none. Specifies the geometry representation in the result. Default = local. Local geometry is used for map display purposes, returning geometry pieces that cover the given search radius, bounding box or corridor polygon. Full geometry is used for interactive editing, where the original geometry is required. None is used for applications like geofencing, which most of the time want to know only the ids of the geofence points/lines polygones they are in or near. Note: Not all geometry options are supported in all resources.