Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets Developer's Guide

Retrieving HERE Map Data

The Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets supports the following ways of requesting data:
  • using tiles to request attribute key/value pairs
  • using attribute values to request tiles

Retrieving Key/Value Pairs

The Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets groups attribute key/value pairs for reporting HERE map data within thematic layers. In addition, you need to specify the map tile that defines the region for which you want to request information. The size of your map tile depends on the specified zoom level.

To request HERE map data as a set of attribute key/value pairs:
  1. Determine which attribute(s) contain the key/value pairs you require.

    To get a list of available attributes and the layer(s) they occur in, use the resource doc/attributes.

    To get a list of available attributes by layer, use the resource doc/layers.

    The responses to these requests contain lists of the supported attributes. To get further clarification about the attributes supported in a specific layer, use the resource doc/layer.

  2. Request the desired information for the tile(s) specifying the region about which you wish to get information and the relevant layer(s).

    To get the information for the relevant tile, use the resource tile.

    To get information for more than one tile, use the resource tiles.

    Alternatively, you can also the search resources ( search/bbox, search/corridor, search/proximity, and search/quadkey) to define the area for which you wish to request map data. For performance reasons, the tile approach described above is recommended.

Some attributes do not belong to a particular tile, in these cases use the resource static.

Requesting Tiles Based on Attrribute Values

In some cases, you have a value for an attribute key/value pair and want to request the tile in which this value occurs.
To request a map tile based on an attribute value:
  1. To determine which attributes are indexed and where, use the resource doc/indexes.
  2. To get the relevant tile, use the resource index.

Requesting Information about the HERE Map Data

The Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets also offers a number of resources to clarify the status of the HERE map data.
  • To request information about which versions of what maps are available, use the resource docs/maps.