Add data to your map

You can upload data layers directly to your map or to HERE Platform. Uploading data layers to HERE Platform allows you to use the data in multiple maps.

Data files must be either GeoJSON or CSV format. CSV files, which only support points, must contain longitude and latitude columns.

The Data tab lists all the interactive map layers you can access in the HERE platform and use directly in your maps. You can narrow down the list by searching for a specific data layer.

You can also manage your data, edit entries, delete complete datasets, and download a file of the data stored in the cloud.

Upload your own data layers to the HERE Platform

  1. Click the Data button.
  2. Click Create new layer
  3. Click Browse files to upload your data or drag and drop.

One of the benefits of having your datasets in the HERE platform cloud is that you can use them in more than one map. The uploaded data sets have the following properties:

  • Available throughout the HERE Platform. For example, available for processing or analysis

  • Can be edited in Studio’s Data tab. Edits are reflected in real-time.

  • Can be added to any of your existing and new maps.

Upload your own data layers to your map

  1. Click the + Data button.
  2. Click the Upload button.
  3. Click Browse files to upload your data or drag and drop.
  4. Your map displays your new dataset.


You can also drag and drop files directly onto the map. They will be uploaded and added to the map automatically.

See our example for uploading datasets, which shows you how to upload a GeoJSON dataset from an open website to your HERE Studio map.


Data and style are handled separately. All data is stored in the cloud but each map can define different styles even for the same data. Within each map, you can safely rename layers individually without breaking the link to the dataset.

Add an empty layer

You can add an empty layer if you do not have any data file. In the empty layer, you can create and edit features.

Add a layer
Figure 1. Add a layer


Every interactive map layer you add with HERE Studio has the following description: This layer is created by and required by HERE Studio at In the HERE platform, every data layer is stored in a catalog. The catalogs that HERE Studio creates have the following description: This catalog is created by HERE Studio and contains a layer that is required by HERE Studio at

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