Share your map

One of the most powerful features of HERE Studio is that it allows you to share your map without running your own web server and database infrastructure. You can also update the content whenever necessary.

By default, every map you create with HERE Studio is private and visible only to you until you decide to share it.

You can share maps and collaborate with other platform users or publish read-only to the world. The following options are available:

  • Publish to the world - Share your map with everyone including users without a HERE Platform account.
  • Share by invitation - Share you map with specific users who have a HERE Platform account. Assign access to allow them to either read or edit your map.

Publish to the world

Publishing to the world allows you to share maps with anyone, even users without a HERE Platform account. Users have full access to maps but cannot edit. HERE creates a unique API key for each map you publish. Share this key with users you want to grant access to the resources in your map project.

Note that each time your map is viewed you incur a cost. You can keep track of your project cost here.

  1. Click Share Map.
  2. Click Publish to the world. The Publish to the world screen displays.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Click Publish. Your map is published and a link appears that you care share. You can also embed your map in a website or blog.

Share by invitation

To share your map by invitation:

  1. Click Share Map.
  2. Click Invite others. The Share and email screen displays.
  3. Search/select members of your organization to receive your map and add them to the email list.
  4. Select Can view from the drop down menu to permit a user to view map data and visualization. Select Can edit to permit a user to view the shared map in their Studio dashboard and make edits.
  5. Click Share and an email containing the links to your map opens.
  6. Click send in the email to share your map.

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