Quick start

Sign Up and Log In

To sign up and log in, go to https://platform.here.com/studio

Figure 1. Login

HERE Studio creates a platform API key for your app, so that you can use different HERE platform services in the background. Learn more about access management and authentication here.

The first time you log in, a tour assists you with navigation. Follow the tour to get helpful instructions or click Skip to disregard it.

Welcome tour
Figure 2. Welcome tour

Follow these steps to create and share your map.

  1. Start a new map
  2. Add data to your map
  3. Edit your map features
  4. Style your map
  5. Share your map

Studio dashboard

The Studio dashboard is your personalized home page with an overview of all the maps you once created and the maps that are shared with you by others in your organization.

Grid view
Figure 3. Grid view
List view
Figure 4. List view

A date and title can be set for your map, and you can mark which maps are favorites and use that as a filter. You can also search for your maps by their names.

Map options
Figure 5. Map options

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