Start a new map

To create a new map:

  1. Click Create new map.
  2. Name your map.
  3. Add a description for your map.
  4. Select a basemap, as shown in the following figure, which is the background on which your map is drawn. There are a number of themes available (and more are coming). Simply select one you like best for your project.
  5. Click Layer to add an empty layer to your map.
  6. Add data to your map


The HERE Japan base map is a very special map, with detailed map features that don't occur elsewhere in the world. To optimally visualize the HERE base map in Japan, please pick the style called "JapanNormal".

Japan normal
Figure 1. Japan normal

Change the map name

At any time, you can change the name on an existing map. Click the three dots on the upper right side of the map and select edit. From this screen, you can also change the map name and description, add new layers, add or change the base map, and add data.

You can navigate your map using your mouse, your touch screen or your track pad. Change the view by dragging and zooming the map.

Location Bookmarks

As your map becomes larger and the data more complex, you can switch between different predefined map locations and zoom levels. In each map, you can define your own location bookmarks and switch between them. You can also search for your bookmarks in the search bar.

Define a bookmark
Figure 2. Define a bookmark
Search bookmarks
Figure 3. Search bookmarks

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