Error Locate Response

If a request failed for some reason, the HTTP response code is 4xx (Client Error) or 5xx (Server Error). The response body may also contain a short textual description of the error to assist in troubleshooting.


  "title": "Bad Request",
  "status": 400,
  "code": "E606400",
  "action": "Please correct the request and retry",
  "cause": "Validation error in body.gsm[0].mcc",
  "details": [
      "title": "Violated rule: maximum",
      "message": "should be <= 999",
      "source": "body.gsm[0].mcc"
  "title": "Position Not Found",
  "status": 404,
  "code": "E606404",
  "cause": "Position cannot be found for given measurement",
  "action": "Try with new measurements"

For a full list of error codes, see the HERE Network Positioning API Reference.

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