Supported Network Technologies

The HERE Network Positioning API accepts measurements for 2G/3G/4G cellular or WLAN radio bands. The supported technologies are:

  • GSM
  • LTE
  • CDMA
  • WLAN

For examples on how to use these technologies, see the Use Cases section.

A request can contain measurements from different radio technologies. The total number of cells and the amount of WLAN access points in a single request is limited. Do not include the same cell or WLAN multiple times in a request.

All the measurements are expected to be from the same location. If the device is moving, all the measurements and the reference location have to be from the same moment of time (within seconds). Pay special attention to WLAN measurements as some mobile device APIs report stale WLANs in addition to the current ones. For recommendations on how to enhance accuracy, see Tips for Optimizing Data Accuracy.

It is recommended to supply network measurements of neighboring cells. The following is an example of a LTE cell measurement with neighbors:

  "lte": [
      "mcc": 262,
      "mnc": 2,
      "cid": 2898945,
      "rsrp": -50, "rsrq": -5,
      "nmr": [
        { "earfcn": 6300, "pci": 237, "rsrp": -60, "rsrq": -6 },
        { "earfcn": 6300, "pci": 442, "rsrp": -70, "rsrq": -7 }

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