Positioning API Developer's Guide

WLAN Positioning

User Story

The user wants to determine the WGS-84 compliant coordinates defined by the WLAN information in the POST body.


The code block below demonstrates a POST request to get the geocoordinates defined by the WLAN information in the POST body. You need to set the following HTTP Header: Content-Type: application/json.
This POST request requires the following POST body.
 "wlan": [
  {"mac": "8C-1A-BF-20-66-AD"},
  {"mac": "A0-E4-53-E9-66-A7"},
  {"mac": "AC-4B-C8-34-F7-01"},
  {"mac": "A0-21-95-57-79-06"},
  {"mac": "00-18-56-51-54-FB"},
  {"mac": "10-30-47-D2-54-55"},
  {"mac": "B8-6B-23-09-87-B1"},
  {"mac": "F4-55-95-11-2C-C1"}
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see Authentication Guide. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Positioning API, see Authentication Examples.


The response to the request contains:
  • lat: WGS-84 compliant latitude coordinate
  • long: WGS-84 compliant longitude coordinate
  • accuracy: Radius of the uncertainty circle around the position in meters
  "location": {
  "lat": 52.5185857,
  "lng": 13.37622989,
  "accuracy": 100