Positioning API Developer's Guide


Information about the client

type: object

[Required properties: manufacturer, model, name, version]


Name Type Required Description
manufacturer string (2 to 50 chars) required Manufacturer of the device (hardware)
model string (1 to 50 chars) required Model of the device (hardware)
firmware string (1 to 150 chars) Device firmware version information
platform string (3 to 50 chars) Software platform information of the device, for example operating system name and version.
name string (3 to 50 chars) required Name of the client software accessing the HERE API
version string (3 to 13 chars) required Version of the client software in format X.Y.Z, where X [0..255] is a major, Y [0..255] is a minor, and Z [0..65535] is a build version number. Increase the version/build number for each release of the client.


  "manufacturer": "Lemon",
  "model": "Flagship X1",
  "name": "FinderApp",
  "version": "2.0.31"