The fares parameter is a list of tickets to pay for this section of the route.

Table 1. Fares Attributes

Name Description
id Unique Fare id. Used to deduplicate fares that apply to multiple sections
name Name of fare
price Price of fare
reason Reason for the cost described in this Fare element

The price parameter contains information about the price of a fare.

Table 2. Price Attributes

Name Description
type Type of price represented by this object. The API customer is responsible for correctly visualizing the pricing model. As it is possible to extend the supported price types in the future, the price information should be hidden when an unknown type is encountered.
Available price types are:
* value - A single value.
* range - A range value that includes a minimum and maximum price
estimated Attribute value is true if the fare price is estimated, false if it is an exact value. Default is false
currency Local currency of the price compliant to ISO 4217
unit When set, the price is paid for a specific duration.
* "unit": 3600 - price for one hour
* "unit": 28800 - price for 8 hours
* "unit": 86400 - price for one day
value The price value

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