The Public Transit API v8 offers three REST APIs, namely Public Transit Routing API v8, Public Transit Next Departures API v8, and Public Transit Station Search API v8. These APIs allow you to use agency data, external services, and data collected by HERE to discover public transit options, request public transit routes, and transit-related information.

The Public Transit API v8 supports the following use cases:

  • Discover public transit options in a geolocation based on WGS-84 compliant latitudes and longitudes. This includes searching for nearby stations and determining what public transit information is available in the area, such as transit lines and departure times.
  • Request public transit routes based on WGS-84 compliant start and end points, including requesting public transit routes making use of all available transit types in a given city or metropolitan area. You can tailor transit route calculation for different use cases by:
    • Defining routes based on arrival time vs. departure time.
    • Filtering by specific forms of transit, such as rail and metro only.
    • Planning routes hours or days in advance.
    • Setting a maximum distance for the walk to the nearest transit stop/station or the speed of the walk.
    • Defining how many changes or transfers the journey may include.
    • Requesting turn-by-turn maneuvers for walk navigation at the beginning and end of the journey.
    • Requesting a route graph of the journey in order to view the route over a map.


When submitting bug reports or asking for support for specific route calculations, always provide the routing request URI and the corresponding errorCode, if any.

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For more information on how data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers, see the HERE Privacy Charter.

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