Migrate to Public Transit Station Search v8

This document highlights the most important changes necessary to migrate to the new version (v8). Public Transit Station Search v3 offers the possibility to query stations by the following:

  • Station IDs with stations/by_ids + stnIds parameter
  • Station Geo Coordinates with stations/by_geocoord + center parameter
  • Station Name (and Geo Coordinates) with stations/by_name + name and center parameters

Public Transit Station Search v8 differentiates the queries by means of the request parameters ids, in, and name:

  • stations/by_ids.json?stnIds (v3) is replaced by stations?ids (v8)
  • stations/by_geocoord.json?center (v3) is replaced by stations?in (v8)
  • stations/by_name.json?name=&center= (v3) is replaced by stations?name=&in= (v8)


The missing API versions from v3 to v8 are due to internal version alignment.


This section describes changes in the request.

Parameters Added

This migration does not introduce new parameters.

Parameters Changed

The following parameters are changed in this migration.

Base URL, Version, Resource

Parameter Public Transit Station Search v3 Public Transit Station Search v8
Base URL string, https://transit.ls.hereapi.com string, https://transit.hereapi.com
Version string, /v3 string, /v8
Resource string /stations/<name> string, /stations

stnIds vs ids

This migration renames stnIds parameter (v3) to ids (v8).

stnIds ids
Format string string
Behavior Specifies a comma-separated list of station IDs. Specifies a comma-separated list of station IDs. A maximum of 50 station identifiers are allowed in a single query.

center vs in

This migration renames center parameter (v3) to in (v8).

center in
Format Double,Double string
Behavior Specifies the latitude and the longitude of the center point of your search separated by a comma. Specifies the center point and the optional radius of your search. Format {lat},{lng}[;r={radius}], where radius=500 meters by default.

details vs return=transport

This migration renames details parameter (v3) to return=transport (v8).

details return=transport
Format integer string
Behavior Enables/disables line information for every station. By default, it is set to 1 (enabled). Enables transport information in the response. By default, it is disabled.

max vs maxPlaces

This migration renames max parameter (v3) to maxPlaces (v8).

max maxPlaces
Format integer integer
Behavior N/A N/A


This change is valid only when stations are queried by station name and/or geo-coordinates. By default, it is set to 5. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 25 (query by name) or 50 (query by geo-coordinates).

Parameters Removed

The following parameters are removed in this migration.


This migration removes the all parameter (v3) for all query methods.


This section describes changes in the response.

Parameters Added

This migration introduces the following parameters in (v8) response:

  • notices: To response, and stations objects
  • type: The place type
  • waypoint
  • elv: In location parameter (v8)
  • location, originalLocation: Contains former x and y parameters (v3) in Stn object
  • platform: Platform name or number for the departure
  • transport: For more information, see Transport Concept

Parameters Changed

This migration introduces the following changes to parameters in (v8) response:

  • renames the Stations parameters (v3) to stations (v8)
  • renames the Stn parameters (v3) to place (v8)
  • renames the x, and y parameters (v3) to lng, and lat (v8)
  • renames the country to countryName (v8)
  • renames the ccode to countryCode (v8)
  • renames the number to houseNumber (v8)

Parameters Removed

This migration removes the following parameters in (v8) response:

  • Res
  • serviceUrl
  • has_board
  • district


The following table describes the response codes changed in this migration.

v3 error code v8 error code Status code Description
GW100 E602000 400 Bad request Wrong parameter type or parameter missing
I4 N/A 401 Unauthorized for wrong credential, 403 Forbidden for access not allowed N/A
SS0007 N/A 200 OK Returns empty stations list and notice object
GW0002 E602100, E602101, E602102 504 Gateway Timeout, 503 Service Unavailable, 502 Bad Gateway Backend failed to provide a response
GW0006 E602103 500 Internal Server Error Unexpected error
GW0007 N/A 200 OK No support for this API in this area
K9360 E602104 400 Bad request Invalid Period


The following request examples in JSON format search stations by IDs:


Public Transit Station Search v3 example uses a HERE API Key toauthenticate the request. HERE Token Credentials authentication is only possible in Public Transit Next Departures v8. For information on other possible authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Guide.

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