The HERE Raster Tile API interface enables retrieving map tile images that you can combine to create a complete map on a user's device or application. This API provides a range of features and pre-defined styles, allowing you to customize the map appearance to your specific requirements.

The HERE Raster Tile API offers a variety of map styles to choose from, including, explore.night,, and the hybrid style. In addition, the API provides access to several features such as multiple languages and geopolitical views, allowing you to select the most appropriate map tile style, zoom level, and other parameters.

The following figure shows examples of map styles available in the HERE Raster Tile API:

HERE Raster Tile API style examples
Figure 1. HERE Raster Tile API style examples

The HERE Raster Tile API offers bitmap images with a resolution of either 256x256 or 512x512 pixels, optimized for web and mobile screens.

If you need to customize the map further, the API allows you to specify additional features to be visible or remove features you don't want to see by using the features parameter. For example, by using features=congestion_zones:all, you can show all congestion zones, or by using features=pois:none, you can hide all points of interest.

Additionally, the HERE Raster Tile API provides a resource parameter that defines what type of basic geometric shapes (called "draw primitives") the map uses to represent areas, text, and lines. For example, you can request the background resource, containing areas and lines, then draw your own lines for traffic and text on top. This ensures that traffic does not overlap text but is still on top of the background.

For logistics and transportation industry users, the HERE Raster Tile API provides truck restriction map tiles under the Advanced Raster Tile pricing plan. These map tiles offer a detailed view of truck restrictions, which simplifies planning and route optimization.

Example: Environmental zones, congestion zones, and restricted areas

The following example uses the HERE Raster Tile API to display environmental zones, congestion zones, and traffic restrictions on the map.

Environmental and congestion zones in HERE Raster Tile API
Figure 2. Environmental and congestion zones in HERE Raster Tile API

An environmental zone is an area where access is restricted to vehicles that meet specific emissions standards. The purpose of the zone is to improve air quality by regulating the exhaust gases emitted by cars. Usually, to enter the zone, motor vehicle drivers must have a valid sticker visible on their vehicle that corresponds to the qualifying plate. Motorcycles and vehicles with special rights are exempt from this regulation.

Congestion zones indicate areas where drivers are required to pay a fee to enter or drive through during certain times of day.

By including this information on a map, truck fleet managers can plan their routes accordingly to avoid additional fees, potential fines or penalties for violating regulations.

Next steps

  • To get hands-on experience with the HERE Raster Tile API, see the Get started guide.
  • To learn more about HERE Raster Tile API endpoints and parameters, see the API Reference documentation.

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