Creating Input / Output Layers for Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline

The Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline requires two Streaming Layers for the input / output data:

  1. Input Streaming Layer - This layer will be used as a queue of raw, non-anonymized, real-time location data.
  2. Output Streaming Layer - This layer will be used as a queue of anonymized, output, real-time location data.

Normally these Streaming Layers should be in separate Catalogs.

HERE recommends that separate Catalogs are used for raw, input data to Anonymization Pipeline and anonymized, output data. Separating the input and output data in different Catalogs, reduces the likelihood of raw, input data being shared externally (i.e. on HERE Marketplace).


  1. Create two HERE Platform Catalogs (recommended approach) - one for input and one for output data.
  2. Share Catalogs - with the necessary HERE Platform Group and giving read, write and manage permission.
  3. In each Catalog (both input and output) create new Streaming Layer with following configuration options needing to be set as follows: Configuration:
    • Layer Type = Stream
    • Content Type = application/x-protobuf
    • Schema = Sensoris Specification 1.0.1

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