Starting Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline Version

In order to start anonymizing location data, a Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline Version must have been created and started. Before starting a new Pipeline Version all running Pipeline Versions (for the same Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline) must be stopped . The Pipeline Versions created for the Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline can be easily viewed in the WebPortal.

Note: Single Running Pipeline Version Per Pipeline

Multiple versions of a single Real-Time Anonymization can be created with different input data and configurations. However, there can only be one pipeline version running for a single pipeline. Therefore, in order to start running a new pipeline version any other running pipeline versions must be stopped first.

The HERE Platform WebPortal is one option for activating the Real-Time Anonymization Pipeline Version, with necessary steps explained here. When activating a Pipeline Version, run-time credentials for running this pipeline version can be specified. These may be your user credentials or user-generated credentials (apps). For more information, see the Teams and Permissions User Guide.

After activating a Pipeline Version, the Pipeline Status will switch to Run Pending. When Pipeline has been successfully started the state will change to Operation: Run Succeeded. At this point pipeline is now running and any data added (from this point forward only) will start to be processed by Anonymization Pipeline. A Running Pipeline Version will have new operational choices including the option to Pause the running Pipeline Version or to Cancel it is now available.

If there is a problem when activating a Pipeline Version and a Pipeline Version fails to run, a red alert message will be displayed in Webportal.

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