Fleet Telematics Route Matching Developer's Guide

Map Detail

The accuracy of the map geometry is optimized and depends on the requirements for the underlying routing application(s). Typically, the map contains a minimum number of geometry points that provide a certain absolute and relative accuracy. The modeling of the road network is also optimized for the routing application(s), for example intersections are modeled as simply as possible within the specification, and roads are polylines rather than lane level polygons. Each road is in part modeled as a single polyline for the whole road bed, including all lanes in both driving directions (single-digitized), but other sections of the road may include lanes for each driving direction modeled as separate polylines (multi-digitized), and in some cases, especially at intersections and exits, some lanes in the same driving direction can be modeled as separate polylines. HERE maps set road geometry points in such a way as to improve map matching quality in critical situations like motorway ramps or transitions between single and multi-digitized road beds.