Fleet Telematics Route Matching Developer's Guide

Matching a GPS Trace

HERE Fleet Telematics Route Matching is not a real-time map matching service. It is designed to compute complete routes from larger GPS traces in batch mode or in near real-time in batches of a few minutes each. Real time map matching is provided by the HERE Reverse Geocoder.

HERE Fleet Telematics Route Matching provides sufficiently accurate results if the following conditions are met:

  • GPS deviation does not exceed 30 meters.
  • Trace point density is within the range of one per second and one per 30 seconds.
  • The vehicle is a car or a truck – although other vehicle types are supported, the API it is not optimized for them.
  • Each trace represents an uninterrupted traversal of one continuous road, without random departures from the main route.
  • Trace matching favors legal roads and maneuvers. Illegal actions are only matched and flagged by warnings if they are very obvious.
To match a GPS trace to a route, you have two options:
  • GET request: specify the file parameter as a Base64-encoded string that contains the (zipped or plain) trace file content
  • POST request: add a GPS trace file to your request as an attachment
The Fleet Telematics Route Matching supports the following GPS trace file formats:
  • GPX
  • CSV
  • NMEA
  • KML
Note: Always specify the mandatory routemode parameter for routes by car or on foot.