Fleet Telematics Route Matching Developer's Guide


This document introduces the Fleet Telematics Route Matching and:

  • explains key concepts
  • provides examples
  • documents resources and query parameters
  • documents response structures and data types

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.

What Is the Fleet Telematics Route Matching?

The HERE Fleet Telematics Route Matching is a RESTful API that computes the most probable route from a GPS trace sent in a POST request body, using a standard format such as GPX, NMEA, KML or CSV.

Why Use the Fleet Telematics Route Matching?

The Fleet Telematics Route Matching provides resources to address the following high-level use cases:
Table 1. Main features of the Fleet Telematics Route Matching
Features Description
Create a route based on a GPS trace Depending on whether the GPS trace is for the full route or just a chunk, create a driver/drive profile to take account of factors such as speeding, eco-friendly driving, city/urban routes, road classes and more. Alternatively, use the route to display driver warnings or suggestions.