Route Match Extension API Developer's Guide

Trace File Formats

The most commonly used file formats generated by GPS receivers and tools are:
  • CSV: The first line contains the attribute names, the subsequent lines the data in temporal order. The following parameters are available:
    • latitude and longitude are the geographic coordinates in WGS84 degree (mandatory).
    • seq_num specifies the temporal order (optional). The lines must be sorted by temporal order.
    • timestamp indicates the time and date, for example 2012-05-27T00:00:00Z or 16/05/2012 18:31:37(optional).
    • speed_mps indicates the speed in meters per second (optional).
    • speed_mph reflects the speed in miles per hour (optional)
    • speed_kmh indicates the speed in kilometers per hour (optional).
    • speed indicates the speed in meters per second (optional and deprecated).
    • heading indicates the heading in degrees clockwise from North (optional).
  • GPX: Each trace point can have the following information:
    • Coordinates, for example <trkpt lat="48.0289225" lon="-4.298227"> (always present), WGS84 degree
    • A timestamp, for example <time>2013-07-15T10:24:52Z</time> (optional), time zone UTC
    • Elevation, for example <ele>102.5999</ele> (optional), meter above the WGS84 ellipsoid
    • HDOP, for example <hdop>15.0</hdop> (optional)
    • Speed, for example <extensions><speed>21.9432334</speed></extensions> (optional), meter per second
  • NMEA: The information from the $GPRMC records is used. If an NMEA trace does not contain $GPRMC records, then the $GPGGA records are used.
  • KML: Either <Placemarks with <Points> or <Placemarks> with <LineStrings> can be submitted. Folders with multiple traces are not supported.
In order to get a response without timeouts, trace sizes should not exceed 100,000 points or 15,000 kilometers.

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