Truck restrictions on country, state or city level, weekend truck bans and environmental zones

Governments restrict access for trucks with certain properties (mostly weight) during weekends, public holidays, nights, or other time periods. The routing service automatically considers those restrictions and optimizes accordingly by either circumventing them or waiting until they end. If waiting, the routing service automatically decides whether it makes sense to take a legal rest time that fully or partially fits into the waiting time.

The routing service informs in response warnings where it made stops due to access restrictions or legal driver rest times. For truck bans, the warnings have an isoCountryCode and a truckRestrictionCategoryCode field, telling:

  • 0XXX national restriction, 1XXX state restriction, 2XXX order2 restrictions, 8XXX -> order8 restrictions
  • X0XX always valid, X1XX public holiday, X2XX weekend, X3XX morning, X4XX noon, X5XX evening, X6XX night, X7XX dawn to dusk
  • Last two (2) digits should be disregarded, might be used in future versions.

Routing can avoid environmental zones depending on vehicle type (&mode=...), emission class EURO I-VI (&emissionType=...), fuel type DIESEL, PETROL, LPG,LNG (&fuelType=), weight (&limitedWeight=...), time of day/weekday (&departure=...). Switch on this feature by parameter &excludeZoneType=environmental.


Environmental zones are already avoided, if only one of the above parameters (fuelType/emissionType/limitedWeight) is specified and matching for the zone, regardless what other parameters the zone defines. Ideally specify all three vehicle parameters.

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