Advanced Driving Analytics

In addition to the GPS points matched onto road links and the most probable route path, the response provides relevant info for risk analytics and driver behavior:

  • Point/link match confidence values help deciding whether this point/link can be used for individual risk/legal assessment or only for statistical analysis (such as motorway kilometers versus urban kilometers) or not at all (due to poor GPS signal).
  • Warnings for illegal driving maneuvers: One way, no access for vehicle type, illegal turn, illegal u-turn, weight/height/width/length/hazmat restrictions violated, gate traversal, no through traffic, deliveries only, environmental zones.
  • Truck driver legal rest time violations
  • Real time traffic situation at the time of driving (request traffic archive layer)
  • The response can contain any HERE map attributes: Speed limit, curve radius, slope, height, traffic signs, urban, controlled access, ramp, number of lanes, road roughness, traffic pattern and more

Specify the &drivingReport=1 parameter to request the following info:

  • Exact speed limits (date/time/vehicle dependent) for speeding detection
  • Curve speeds (lateral force) for cornering detection
  • Stop sign violations
  • Accelerations/breaking (driving aggressively or in traffic) for risk assessment
  • Light conditions (horizontal and vertical sun angle towards driver) for risk assessment
  • Local weather conditions (at the time of driving) for risk assessment (request weather archive layer)


For driving analytics or weather archive premium pricing, contact your account executive.

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