The HERE Routing API is an HTTP JSON REST API that provides route calculation between two or more locations for several regions in the world. The HERE Routing API allows users to specify options that influence route calculation, as well as request additional information related to the route to suit specific needs.

The HERE Routing API supports the following use cases:

  • Create applications that enable turn-by-turn guidance.
  • Specify different means of transportation, such as car or truck, and return routes that are valid for that specific transport type.
  • Define custom penalty parameters to determine which road attributes to use in route calculation, such as toll roads, motorways, and boat and rail ferries.
  • Render the geographical representation of a route together with map data, so that the route is displayed on the map.
  • Support fleet tracking applications.
  • Support navigation and traffic on web portals and mobile devices.
  • Support freight and vehicle exchange portals.

/routes responses consist of a series of sections, which represent legs of the route, along with relevant information such as the route length and estimated travel time. Additional properties, such as the shape of the route as a flexible-polyline, can be optionally requested.

For information on:

  • How to quickly set up and start using the HERE Routing API, see Get started.
  • The terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.
  • How HERE is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws, see the HERE Privacy Policy.

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