Note: Ferry usage in routing

The route calculation will evaluate ferry connections and can suggest ferry transport for parts of the route if they are evaluated to be the optimal path.

For the route calculation, the service makes some general assumptions about onboarding and offloading times and speed of travel of a ferry. However, since ferry usage patterns can differ from region to region these assumptions may not be true in some areas and the calculated routes can differ from expectations. Our recommendation in these cases is to guide the route calculation by adding a passthrough waypoint on the preferred ferry route near the port closest to the origin.

Situations where the route calculations would need guidance include the following:

  • Areas with short ferry links where our general assumptions for onboarding & offloading times differ from actual time taken. For example, ferries over rivers.
  • Areas with long ferry links which have a low frequency and hence are assigned a lower significance.
  • User preference for slower but direct ferry transport rather than faster routes involving more on-land driving.

For a sample requests to demonstrate truck routing with ferries, see this tutorial:

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