Scooter routing

The scooter routing mode uses a road network defined by the segments with MOTORCYCLE_OPEN flag. It gives a route that avoids all those roads which are not allowed for scooters.

Our implementation uses the term "scooter" to refer to a low-power two-wheeler vehicle, mainly used for in-city travel and transportation. This behaviour is reflected by avoiding highways and applying a speed cap of 60km/hr. However, you can override these options with these parameters:

  • scooter[allowHighway] : set this to true if you want to allow scooters on the highway
  • vehicle[speedCap] : set a speed cap for scooters, which will optimize the route selection and update route ETA

To use scooter routing, set transportMode=scooter. Only the fast routing mode is supported.


Dedicated scooter lanes are not yet supported.

For scooter routing sample requests, see these tutorials:

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