Get total toll cost with vignette price

The driver does not have all vignettes that the specified route requires. The following does not specify tolls[vignettes]=all as in the Get total toll cost without vignette price tutorial.

curl -X GET \,10.601304&destination=44.505213,11.229968&return=polyline,travelSummary,tolls&currency=Eur&spans=tollSystems&transportMode=car&tolls[summaries]=total&apikey={YOUR_API_KEY}

As the request didn't specify [vignettes]=all, the response includes the lowest vignette price applicable for the vignette section.

"travelSummary": {
  "duration": 26902,
  "length": 674821,
  "baseDuration": 26085,
  "tolls": {
    "total": {
      "type": "value",
      "currency": "EUR",
      "value": 45.9

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