API Changes

Api Version 8.77.0

  • Added new violatedAvoidTruckRoadType and violatedAvoidZone notices
  • violatedZoneRestriction notices now can report which zone was violated

Api Version 8.76.0

  • Added railwayCrossings to spans parameters and response
  • Added gates to spans parameters and response

    Api Version 8.74.3

    • Added more documentation about notice references in spans
    • Add missing builtUpArea StreetAttribute attribute

Api Version 8.74.2

  • Slight changes to sentence structures

Api Version 8.74.1

  • Fixed the notice for violating allow[hov] and allow[hot] parameters

Api Version 8.74.0

  • Added builtUpArea to spans[streetAttributes]

Api Version 8.73.0

  • Added vehicle[payloadCapacity] parameter

Api Version 8.72.0

  • Added allow[hov] parameter
  • Added allow[hot] parameter

Api Version 8.71.0

  • Added routeType for LocalizedRouteNumber

Api Version 8.70.1

  • Fixed name of tollSystem member in response
  • Updated the behaviour of lang parameter.
  • Empty nameHint waypoint parameters are ignored

Api Version 8.70.0

  • Added traffic[mode] parameter

Api Version 8.69.0

  • Added vehicle[kpraLength] parameter

Api Version 8.68.0

  • Added radiusPenalty parameter to waypoint places

Api Version 8.67.2

  • Fixed the notice for violating weight per axle group restrictions
  • Added axle groups quad and quint for input

Api Version 8.67.1

  • Fixed incorrect unit for ascent in api reference documentation

Api Version 8.67.0

  • Added restrictedTimes for time dependent restrictions.

Api Version 8.66.0

  • Parameter vehicle[engineSizeCc] marked as alpha
  • Parameter vehicle[occupancy] marked as alpha
  • Deprecation mark removed from vehicle[hovOccupancy] parameter

Api Version 8.65.0

  • Returning route numbers as LocalizedRouteNumber type

Api Version 8.64.0

  • Added vehicle[engineSizeCc] parameter
  • Added vehicle[occupancy] parameter
  • Deprecated vehicle[hovOccupancy] parameter

Api Version 8.63.0

  • (beta) Introducing fuel for calculating consumption and related CO2 emission for fuel based vehicles.

Api Version 8.62

  • Added turnAngle to turn-by-turn actions
  • Added roundaboutTurnAngle to turn-by-turn actions

Api Version 8.60

  • Added driver[schedule] parameter

Api Version 8.59.0

  • Added signposts to turn-by-turn actions

Api Version 8.58.3

  • Update polygon example

Api Version 8.58.2

  • Fixed importSplitRoute notice for /import request

Api Version 8.58.0

  • Added support for mlDuration for transportMode=taxi

Api Version 8.57.0

  • Added new supported shape format polygon to avoid[areas] parameters

Api Version 8.56.0

  • Added stateCode to spans parameters

Api Version 8.55.0

  • Added routeLabels return option

Api Version 8.54.0

  • Allow avoid u-turn for the transport modes car, taxi, and bus in addition to truck. It remains forbidden for pedestrian, bicycle, and scooter.

Api Version 8.53.0

  • Added snapRadius parameter to waypoint places

Api Version 8.52.0

  • Parameter lang accepts list of languages.
  • Added a new notice code MainLanguageNotFound at response level.

Api Version 8.51.0

  • Added id parameter to incident section of response

Api Version 8.51.0

  • Added notice details type violatedTransportMode for violatedVehicleRestriction notice code.

Api Version 8.50.0

  • Added segmentIdHint parameter to waypoint places

Api Version 8.49.0

  • Added vehicle[tiresCount] parameter

Api Version 8.48.0

  • Added vehicle[trailerAxleCount] parameter

Api Version 8.46.0

  • Added onRoadThreshold option to waypoint parameter

Api Version 8.44.0

  • Enabled vehicle[speedcap] parameter for ev option ev[makeReachable]=true
  • Toll information now returns FarePass information in case there are options for multi-travel pass

Api Version 8.42.2

  • Added 250 items limit for avoid[areas] parameter

Api Version 8.40.0

  • Added ev[minChargeAtFirstChargingStation] option

Api Version 8.39.2

  • Increased route import tracepoints limit to 50000 points

Api Version 8.39.0

  • Added segmentId and segmentRef to transit spans

Api Version 8.38.2

  • Enabled exclude[countries] parameter for ev option ev[makeReachable]=true
  • Removed E605044 error code

Api Version 8.38.0

  • Added a new parameter tolls[emissionType]

Api Version 8.37.0

  • Added a new error routeLengthLimitExceeded

Api Version 8.36.1

  • Updated documentation with respect to vehicle, transit and pedestrian section notices

Api Version 8.36.0

  • Added a new parameter tolls[vehiclecategory] and tolls vehicle category minibus.

Api Version 8.35.0

  • Some avoid options are now enabled in combination with makeReachable parameter (for EV routing).

Api Version 8.34.0

  • Toll information is available via return=tolls, spans=tollSystems and tolls parameters namespace

Api Version 8.32.2

  • Error reporting for avoid u-turns and truck category lightTruck combination
  • Added notice with code unknownParameter in case unknown parameters

Api Version 8.32.1

  • Added noReachableChargingStationsFound error code
  • Route handle and import return a route with a notice on section level with code violatedVehicleRestriction in case motorized vehicle (car, truck, bus, etc) is on restricted but open for motorized vehicle segment (e.g truck on car only segment).

Api Version 8.32.0

  • Added avoid[uTurns] to allow users to avoid difficult or U turns as per need

Api Version 8.31.0

  • Added via to import traces
  • Added an error code E605053 for rejecting via with invalid indexes

Api Version 8.29.3

  • Added refReplacements to pedestrian section
  • Rejecting routingZones for pedestrian transport mode with E605302, E605303
  • Rejecting truckRoadTypes for pedestrian transport mode with E605304

Api Version 8.29.2

  • Added taxi[allowDriveThroughTaxiRoads] parameters.

Api Version 8.29.1

  • Added an error code, E605048, for the unsupported parameter combination of avoid[features]=difficultTurns and truck[category]=lightTruck.

Api Version 8.29.0

  • Added arrivalTime based routing with via waypoints

Api Version 8.28.0

  • Added truck[weightPerAxleGroup] parameter to allow more fine-grained specification of axle weights

Api Version 8.27.0

  • Added ev.preferredBrands parameter in POST body

Api Version 8.26.1

  • Added tollsDataUnavailable and chargingStopNotNeeded notice codes

Api Version 8.26.0

  • Added truck[category] parameter

Api Version 8.25.3

  • Added tollTransponder notice code

Api Version 8.25.1

  • Alpha label removed from routeHandle

Api Version 8.25.0

  • Added vehicle[licensePlate] parameter.

Api Version 8.24.0

  • Added typicalDuration to return parameters
  • Added typicalDuration to spans parameters

Api Version 8.23.1

  • Added avoid[tollTransponders]=all request parameter
  • Added violatedAvoidTollTransponder notice code

Api Version 8.22.4

  • Added violatedAvoidSeasonalClosure and seasonalClosure notice codes

Api Version 8.22.3

  • Added rerouting[mode] request parameter for /routes/ with routeHandle
  • Added returnToRoute notice

Api Version 8.22.2

  • Added intersectionName attribute to TurnAction

Api Version 8.22.1

  • Added tolls return parameter for /routes/
  • Added currency parameter to requests

Api Version 8.21.6

  • Support POST request method for /routes/ endpoint
  • Added avoid.segments parameter in POST body

Api Version 8.21.5

  • Enabled response compression (HTTP Content-Encoding)

Api Version 8.21.4

  • Beta label removed from EV Routing

Api Version 8.21.3

  • Return street names in all available languages

Api Version 8.21.2

  • Added optional origin parameter to getRoutesByHandle

Api Version 8.21.1

  • Added support for route import (alpha):
    • Allows to create a route from a sequence of trace points.

Api Version 8.20.3

  • Added avoid[segments] parameter
  • Added notice about invalid segment id in route response
  • Added notice about invalid zone id in route response

Api Version 8.20.2

  • Added congestionPricing to routing zone category avoidance ( avoid[zoneCategories] parameter)

Api Version 8.20.1

  • Added a notice for using emergency gates
  • Added notices as an option for spans parameter. This can be used to get the actual locations of violated restrictions in truck routing.

Api Version 8.20.0

  • Notices informing about violated restrictions have been moved. Information about what types of restrictions could not be avoided is now available in notices on section level, within route, instead of top level notices. This was driven by a change in handling truck restrictions - see "Functional and Behavioral Changes".

Api Version 8.19.0

  • Added brand attribute to ChargingStationPlace

Api Version 8.18.0

  • Added (Alpha )taxi and bus routing modes
  • Added routingZones to returns parameters
  • Added routingZones to spans parameters

Api Version 8.17.0

  • Added ev[preferredBrands] parameter

Api Version 8.16.0

  • Added avoid[zoneIdentifiers] parameter
  • Added avoid[zoneCategories] parameter

Api Version 8.15.0

  • Added board preAction and deboard postAction to transit section

Api Version 8.14.0

  • Added maxSpeed to vehicle span in response.
  • Deprecated span type speedLimit
  • Added support for mlDuration for car routing

Api Version 8.13.0

  • Add span type segmentRef that replaces segmentId. segmentRef contains more information about the given segments, such as catalog HRN and catalog version. It will also be used by other services.

Api Version 8.12.1

  • Add truckAttributes, scooterAttributes, incidents, and segmentId to pedestrian spans to align them more closely with vehicle spans
  • Add walkAttributes to vehicle spans to align them more closely with pedestrian spans

Api Version 8.12.0

  • Speed cap feature now available for car, truck and scooter
  • Added vehicle[speedCap] parameter.

Api Version 8.11.0

  • Added support for highway usage for scooter routing.
  • Added scooter[allowHighway] parameter.

Api version 8.10.0

  • Added X-Request-Id request and response header parameters for request tracing.

Api version 8.9.3

  • Added exitSign attribute to OffsetAction.

Api Version 8.9.2

  • Added toward atribute to RoadInfo used for turnByTurnActions.

Api Version 8.9.0

  • Added support for scooter routing.

Api Version 8.8.0

  • Added truck[type] and truck[trailerCount] parameters.

Api Version 8.7.1

  • Added new notice code violatedTimeDependentRestriction.

Api Version 8.7.0

  • Introducing bicycle routing in OLS.

Api Version 8.6.4

  • Add length to OffsetActions
  • Added support for 2 new types of EV connectors (Chademo and Tesla)

Api Version 8.6.3

  • Improved documentation of units param.
  • Add support for traffic incidents in sections and spans.

Api Version 8.6.2

  • Fix unsupported routingMode param from route handle endpoint (removed).

Api Version 8.6.1

  • New notice about violated transport mode during route handle decoding.

Api Version 8.6.0

  • Added floating point pedestrian[speed] parameter.
  • Rejecting pedestrian[speed] for non-pedestrian 'transportMode' with E605301

Api Version 8.5.0

  • Breaking beta change: added a mandatory parameter ev[connectorTypes] to ev[makeReachable] option.

Api Version 8.4.0

  • Added support for all parameters from /routes for /routes/{routeHandle} endpoint, except for parameters origin, destination, via, alternatives, and routingMode.
  • Breaking alpha change: /routes/{routeHandle} endpoint has now an obligatory parameter transportMode similarly to /routes endpoint.

Api Version 8.3.3

  • Added boolean passThrough parameter via waypoints.
  • Added note stating that passThrough is not supported for origin and destination waypoints.
  • Added note stating that passThrough is not supported in conjunction with stopDuration.

Api Version 8.3.2

  • Rejecting invalid routeHandle with E605201
  • Listing currently used notice codes in the API schema

Api Version 8.3.1


  • Clarified stopDuration parameter on destination and via waypoints. Added a note that stopDuration is not supported for origin waypoint.
  • Added wait action generated for waypoints with waiting time (e.g. when stopDuration is set or charging is needed).

Api Version 8.3.0


  • Added support for routing over Express/High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. See vehicle[] parameter.

Api Version 8.2.0


  • Added support for route handles (alpha):
    • Allows to encode routes during calculation by setting return=routeHandle. The result is stored in routes[].routeHandle property.
    • New endpoint /routes/{routeHandle} which decodes and returns a route from a previously calculated route handle.

Api Version 8.1.4


  • Added additional versions to version response: serviceVersion and dataVersions
  • Added language of localized strings at the section response level

Api Version 8.1.3


  • Added areas to avoid request parameter.

Api Version 8.1.2


  • Added elevation value for return parameter.

Api Version 8.1.0


  • Rename version to 8.1.0 without changing the API.
  • Added /v8/* paths.
  • Deprecated /v1/* paths.

Api Version 1.1.0


  • Added advanced waypoint options to origin, destination and via request paramaters.
  • Added originalLocation to departure and arrival field in the section response.
  • Added turnByTurn actions to response for usage in visual or voice guidance.
  • Added duration and baseDuration to vehicle span in response.
  • Added baseDuration to the vehicle summary in response.
  • Added exclude request parameter supporting excluding coutries.


  • Removed default value from required request parameter transportMode.
  • Extended the documentation of error codes returned by the service.

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