Known Issues and Workarounds

The following list contains known issues in the current release.

  • In some extreme cases, a route respecting an avoid option might not be returned even if there is another option. This happens mainly when avoiding the specific attribute would make the route extraordinarily long compared to the route without the avoid option, especially in terms of time.
  • Routes in areas with possible ferry connections may differ from customer's specific expectations in some cases. For example, a different ferry connection may be used, or an overland route may be calculated. For more details, see the Using Ferries section of the Developer Guide.
  • Time restrictions for smart interchanges in Japan are not considered. This may lead to routes going through smart interchanges that are not accessible at this time of day.
  • If a large area is provided for avoid[areas] and it could not be avoided, the calculated route may have a suboptimal path inside the avoided area.

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