China & Japan

The Chinese government imposes usage restrictions and requires additional certifications on maps and location data. This also impacts the usage of location services. Please contact your account executive for details.

Using location services based on Japanese map data requires additional licensing. Please contact your account executive for details.

Both Chinese and Japanese map content and functions are fully map & service compliant, but have reduced feature sets. Details see below.

Waypoints Sequence v8 China features

The service is available on endpoint It needs additional entitlement and currently is based only on China map data. Additional map regions on this endpoint can be made available upon demand.

China map coordinates are shifted by GCJ-02 as required by the government. Applications can convert them into plain WGS84 coordinates on the client device by obtaining a license for the CSM (China Shift Module) from the government. Computations like distance, area size, direction and turn angles can be done in the shifted GCJ-02 coordinate system, as long as the spatial extend is small. To perform such computations on larger scales or across the Chinese border, the China coordinates must be unshifted upfront, because they can be a few hundred meters away from WGS84.

Waypoints Sequence v8 Japan features

Accessing the Japan map content requires additional entitlement.

For findsequence.json: While normal applications only see a rough overview map of Japan, entitled applications see Japan correctly as a standalone map.

For findpickups.json: While normal applications don't see anything of Japan, entitled applications see Japan correctly embedded into the rest of the world.

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