Waypoints Sequence Extension API Developer's Guide

Driving and Rest Specification Type

The Driving and Rest Specification Type specifies the details how rest periods will be placed while driving.


The parameter restTimes can be set to
rest times are not considered. This is equivalent to omitting the parameter restTimes
Use internal default. The default are simplified European rules: After 4.5h driving 45min rest and after 9h driving 11h rest.
durations:... and serviceTimes:...
You can provide values for driving and rest periods and define if service times at waypoints can be used for resting. You must provide both parameters.
For durations four values in seconds must be provided:
  1. Short driving period
  2. Short rest period
  3. Long driving period
  4. Long rest period
After a short driving period a short rest period will be applied to the time calculation of the sequence. This will be repeated until the long driving period is completed and a long rest period is necessary. After a long rest period the accounting for short and long driving periods will be started over. Variable periods are not supported. If legal rules allow to vary the periods, for example to extend a driving period a few times a week, you can model it by using suitable average numbers for HERE Waypoints Sequence Extension API.
The value serviceTimes specifies, if service time at a waypoint can be used for resting: Possible values are:
  • rest
  • work
If you use the option work the service time is not accounted as driving time, but as general work only. This option works together with the service time value st: which can be provided for each waypoint.


This setting defines to take a 45min break after 4.5h of driving and a 11h rest after 9h of driving:
This setting defines to use the internal default, which is identical to the previous example:

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