Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence Developer's Guide

What Is the Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence?

The HERE Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence is a REST API that determines in which order you should meet the waypoints within your journey and which optional waypoints are worth visiting. Therefore, the Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence offers 2 functions:

Compute the optimal order in which you should travel between a set of waypoints to minimize either the overall travel time or the overall distance travelled during the journey based on road network restrictions and the traffic pattern data available to HERE.
Figure 1. Computing the optimal waypoint sequence order
Modify a given route, by adding a subset of given additional optional waypoints, in optimal sequence order, taking into account additional cost for the detours as well as the revenue they provide. The optimization is towards minimal overall travel cost, consisting of the driver cost, vehicle cost and the value gained from picking up and dropping off passengers and goods along the route.
Figure 2. Computing pick-ups along the route