Routing API v7 Developer's Guide

Country Specific Regulations

Country specific regulations often apply own classification of roads and associate individual sets of restrictions with each road class. Routing API v7 supports such administrative regulations through the Routing Zone feature. Supported administrative classes of roads are associated uniquely with persistent zone identifiers. To exclude roads of certain classes, the associated zone identifiers should be provided as values of the parameter excludeZones (see Calculate Route for details).

Currently supported schemes of administrative regulations are following:
  • Norma 12 in Mexico
  • BK in Sweden
The example below excludes roads of Norma 12 D and C classes (Mexican regulations):

For supported administrative classes of roads, see the sections below.

Note: To obtain the zone identifier of a specific administrative class directly from the REST service, use the getroutingzones resource.

Administrative Road Classes in Mexico

Admin Class / Zone Name Zone ID
NORMA12 ET4 4294967295
NORMA12 ET2 4294967294
NORMA12 A4 4294967293
NORMA12 A2 4294967292
NORMA12 B4 4294967291
NORMA12 B2 4294967290
NORMA12 C 4294967289
NORMA12 D 4294967288

Administrative Road Classes in Sweden

Admin Class / Zone Name Zone ID
BK1 4294967287
BK2 4294967286
BK3 4294967285
BK4 4294967284