Routing API v7 Developer's Guide

Request an Isoline

Use calculateisoline to calculate the area that a driver can reach within a given time or distance. The following parameters are mandatory:

  • your authentication credentials, apiKey or app_id and app_code if you are using the app_id/app_code authentication (see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide)
  • the start (start) or destination (destination) position
  • the mode, which describes the type of route calculation and whether to optimize the routing for traffic conditions or not
  • range of route (range)
  • and type of range (distance, time, consumption) (rangetype)

The request below calculates a 4km isoline around the center of Berlin. This answers the question: what area can I reach by travelling no more than 4km?
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.
Figure 1. Example isoline representing a travel distance of 4km from the center of Berlin.