Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


CalculateRouteResponseType contains response data, structured to match a particular request for the CalculateRoute operation. The Route element may appear more than once in the response if multiple routes are available between the start and end points. Refer to CalculateRouteRequestType, described in Calculate Route for details on associated request elements.

Data elements may be hidden if they contain no data.

Figure 1. CalculateRouteResponseType This image shows a graphical representation of the CalculateRouteResponseType XML structure.

CalculateRouteResponseType defines the following attributes:

Table 1. Response Elements
Element Description
MetaInfo RouteResponseMetaInfoType

Provides details about the request itself, such as the time at which it was processed, a request id, or the map version on which the calculation was based.

Route RouteType

Contains the calculated path across a navigable link network, as specified in the request. Routes contain navigation instructions for a single trip as: waypoints (fixed locations) and route legs (sections of the route between waypoints). Each response may also include information about the route itself, such as its overall shape, map location, or a summary description.

Language LanguageCodeType

Indicates the language used for all textual information related to the route.

If the requested language is unavailable, the service defaults to American English (en-us).

If the locale of the requested language is unavailable, the service defaults to the generic version of the requested language, if available. For example, if the request specifies British English (en-uk), and this is unavailable, the service returns the response using American English instead (en-us).

See Languages for a list of supported languages.