Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


In many use cases, coordinates appear in large series. However, using a sequence of many Coordinate typed elements in data structures might bloat the document instances.

To provide a more compact format, the CoordinatesArray type allows concatenating serialized coordinates within a single data element.

The CoordinatesArray is list type with items of type xs:string, where the following restrictions apply:

  • Item separator: space character (according to the xs:list definition)
  • Allowed item types: Coordinate, in query parameter representation

The list is ordered, but the order does not have any defined semantics. If you wish to be more distinct regarding the semantics of the listed coordinates, you might find the GeoPolylineType or GeoPolygonType type useful.

XML Representation

The following example illustrates how the CoordinatesArray looks like for a list of two 2‑dimensional coordinates:

<Foo>37.7914050,-122.3987030 37.7866569,-122.4026513</Foo>

Query Parameter Representation

According to the standard representation format for list types, the CoordinatesArray would be represented in query strings as:


Notes on representation formats: Coordinate - see representation format for GeoCoordinateType

The XML example would be represented as query string as: