Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


Instances of PublicTransportStopType Represent stops on a public transport line. Stops are different from stations as they are bound to a specific public transport line and a direction of travel, indicated by the line's destination.

Figure 1. PublicTransportStopType This image shows a graphical representation of the Public Transport Stop Type.

PublicTransportStopType defines the following attributes:

Attribute Description
ID ElementReferenceType

Key that identifies this element uniquely within the response.

PublicTransportStopType defines the following elements:

Element Description
Position GeoCoordinateType

The position of this stop.

Line ElementReferenceType

Reference key to the PublicTransportLine object

StopName xs:string

The name of this stop.

TravelTime common:DurationType

The time in seconds required to travel from this stop to the next one using the public transport line specified in the 'Line' element. Note that this value can be 0.