Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


RoadShieldType contains information used to look up road shield imagery.

Figure 1. RoadShield Type This image shows a graphical representation of the Road Shield Type.

RoadShieldType defines the following attributes:

Element Description
Region xs:string

A string identifying the region where this road shield is used. This may be used to differentiate roadshield images by country.

Category xs:string

A string identifying the category of the road shield, such as highways.

Label xs:string

A Label identfying the inscription on the road shield, such as containing the road number.

The information provided in RoadShieldType entries may be used to query dedicated services for road shield imagery to be displayed in UIs or textual descriptions of the route. Such services may be provided separately.

The examples below demonstrate road shield imagery for the Allen Expressway in Toronto, Ontario, and Interstate 10 in the United States.

Figure 2. Road Shield Examples