Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


A routing zone is an area which comprises roads that share the same access restrictions imposed usually by a legal authority. This attribute provides details like a zone name, zone type or list of affected route sections. The provided zone identifer may be used in a request as one of values of the excludeZones parameter (refer to Calculate Route for details).

RoutingZoneType defines the following attributes:

Element Description
Id xs:unsignedLong

Unique and persistent identifier of the routing zone.

Name xs:string

Name of the routing zone.

Type RoutingZoneTypeType

Type of the routing zone.

ShapeIndices RouteShapeReferenceType

List of references to the route sections which are in the routing zone.

Note: The ShapeIndices element does not apply to zones returned in GetRoutingZonesResponseType.
Restriction VehicleRestrictionType

List of zone access restrictions that apply or potentially apply to the vehicle profile used at the route computation. Restrictions that are not matching the vehicle profile are not included in the response. The vehicle profile parameters do not apply to the Get Routing Zones therefore the returned zones in its responses always include all the restrictions.