Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


Source attribution contains information that must be displayed in the user interface of applications using Routing API. Source attributions are produced, for example, when route is using information available through certain public transportation data providers. Attribution contains localized ready-to-display string with HTML markup as well as structured information that could be used to get data without parsing attribution string. Source attribution contains as well additional information in form of SourceSupplierNoteType - extra information which varies from supplier to supplier.

SourceAttributionType defines the following elements:

Element Description
Attribution xs::string

Ready-to-display attribution string with HTML markup

Supplier SourceSupplierType

Structured information about source supplier.


SourceSupplierType contains structured information about source data supplier. Following fields are defined:
Element Description
Title xs::string

Source data supplier title.

Href xs::string

Link to source data supplier's website.

Note SourceSupplierNoteType

Notes giving additional information about source data supplier.


SourceSupplierNoteType contains information related specifically to data providers. Information consists of ready-to-display text and structured information if any is available. Following fields are defined:
Element Description
Type SourceSupplierNoteTypeType

Type of note.

Text xs::string

Ready-to-display note text. The text may contain HTML text and markup, including hyperlinks (like <a href> elements).

Href xs::string

URL, to which note is referring, if any.

HrefText xs::string

Text, displayed with URL, to which note is referring, if any.