Routing API v7 Developer's Guide

Response Data Types

Articles in this section provide a comprehensive reference to data types used throughout the Routing API v7.

This section covers the high-level data structure for each routing capability (for example, CalculateRouteResponseType), and then the included types, categorized as either Routing Data Types, Base Data Types or Error Data Types.

Routing Data Types directly enable the routing process. Examples of these types include:

  • link information (for example, type of link, characteristics of the link, relationship to other links)
  • vehicle information (for example, maneuvering capabilities)
  • route information (for example, start point and endpoint of the route, route sections, waypoints along the route, metadata)

Base Data Types provide more generalized information about the environment where routing is being conducted. Examples of these types include:

  • measurements (for example, speed, weight, distance)
  • geometry types (for example, bounding box)
  • location-based information (for example, latitude, longitude, country, language)
  • general (ID types, outside resources, additional information containers)

Base Data Types may also be common to other mapping-related services offered by HERE.