Routing API v7 Developer's Guide


You can use waypoints to define the locations on the map that the route must go through. A waypoint can be either a StopOver (for example, start or destination) or a PassThrough. A valid CalculateRoute request must include at least two StopOver waypoints.

You specify waypoints with the waypoint parameter. The Routing API v7 offers the following options to specify waypoints along a requested route:
  • The GeoWaypointParameterType type specifies a position with geological coordinates. You can specify an optional radius value to request a roughly located position.
  • The NavigationWaypointParameter type in combination with StreetPosition specifies a reference to a particular street and its name.
  • The NavigationWaypointParameter type in combination with LinkPosition specifies an exact reference to a link. This option allows for even more precision by means of the Spot value which specifies the fractional distance between the link's reference-node and the non-reference node.

For more information on waypoints and examples, see WaypointParameterType.