Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII) Data Specification
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification

Path Events

Path Events provide additional information along a path, as follows:

  • Singular events - for example, a change of vehicle operation mode or information about an electronic stability program event.
  • Continuously collected information - for example, velocity or curvature measurements.
Figure 1. Continuous Path Events and Singular Path Events

The Path Events list can contain Path Events of different types. Path Events are referencing the Path based on the timestamp of each Path Event. As this timestamp may not exactly match a timestamp in the Path, interpolation is required during processing of the information in the HERE Location Cloud.

Note: Path Events are not collected before the first Position Estimate in the Path and also not collected after the last Position Estimate in the Path.

Path Events are optional in the sensor data submission message. A message that contains only a Path has a meaning of its own without actual events. Nevertheless given that the HERE is supposed to collect rich sensor data, it is expected that a number of Path Events are typically included.

A Path Event is a complex data type, which may contain several mandatory and optional elements. You can configure the vehicles to report the status consistently using the Path Event elements.


A vehicle is reporting transmission mode and temperature as part of the VehicleStatus complex type. The vehicle must report this information at the very beginning of the path initially.

The following situations might occur:

  • Transmission mode is changing - the vchicle reports another Path Event that indicates the new transmission mode in the VehicleStatus complex type.
  • Temperature is changing - the vehicle reports another Path Event that indicates the temperature change in the VehicleStatus complex type.
  • If the vehicle reports two Path Events at the exact same timestamp, then the information is merged into one combined Path Event, as long as both events do not have conflicting information.

For an example of a path event structure, see Sample Message.